binary option robot

Rule 1: demo version


The demo version is most of the times a pure technical demonstration of how the robot works and is not a real indication of the robot performance.

The binary robot should give the possibility to be used in demo version.

That is the only way to test it before committing real money.

The only thing is that the demo are not demo.

They are pure and simple examples of how the trading software could work, using data which are not real time market data, and not even delayed data.

In other words the demo are most often trading activity based on fantasy prices of the underlying asset.

The aim is to show the functionality of the trading software and not its trading performance.

In a real demo version, the trading operations must be based on actual market data (real time or delayed, it really does not matter),  both at the purchase time of the option and at the expiry time.

How to understand if a demo is a demo or a made-up demonstration?

Quite easy.

If the market data of the underlying asset are not pubished in real time and/or are not clearly visible on the demo page of the binary roobot, then most probably it is not a real demo.

Especially if the success rate is excessively high: above 80% it is doubtful, and above 90% you can be sure that the demo is fake.

To be sure on this, you need to follow the robot operations and take note of the underlying price at the purchase time and at the expiry time.

By doing that on a significant time span you can calculate the performance of the robot.


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binary option robot


binary option robot


Demo test 1: $1,566 from 21:46 to 22:27


Does it look credible?

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Demo test 2 is the same story: $495 from 22:10 to 22:27


binary options robots demo

binary options robots demo

binary options robots demo

binary options robots demo

binary options robots demo



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binary option robot


Rule 2: the only success rate that you shall trust is yours


An excessive success rate, let's say over 90%, does not seem to be truthful, at least in the long run.

That is even more true for those robots that boast gains of various thousands of dollars starting from some hundreds.

Our advise is to avoid these robots.

Here are some examples of these kind of scams.


From $250 to $34.714 !


How can you possibly make it?

binary options robots scam

binary options robots demo

binary options robots demo

binary options robots demo

binary options robots demo

The usual fake testimonials

binary options robots demo


...and the usual luxury cars


Even more BS: $1,843,207 made in 90 days!




Rule 3: number of licenses and deadline to complete the registration


there is no minimum number of licenses nor a deadline within which you have to complete the registration

Another trick used to force or at least speed up registrations and purchases of robots is to create a sense of urgency.


By showing a fake maximum number of licenses, after which the robot will stop selling.

Or showing a deadline (few minutes) to finish the registration.

But in most cases, if not always, licenses do not finish, and the expiry time of the registration is fake.



Only 35 spots left !

binary options robots


26 minutes to complete the registration !




34 spots left !




Now 33 !



Registration must be done within 08:36



Only 5 spots left!



Registration must be done within 06:52


Rule 4: effective email support


Choose your binary robot from websites which clearly show email support and which effectively answer to your emails

Check whether the website promoting the binary robot has an email address for customer support or simply for inquiries.

If you don't find it and then you can not contact the administrator of the website promoting the robot, our advise is to choose another product.

If you find it, then drop an email with your questions and see if you receive an answer and how quick.

A quick answer indicates that the website could be serious, whilst a long delay or even lack of answer clearly shows poor professionality.

Even though a quick reply does not necessarily mean that the robot is a serious product, we have seen that websites answering fast to customers inquiries tend to have products performing better that other sites.




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binary option robot